Is your current floor a sight for sore eyes? With all the activity our floors see, it’s no wonder they’re the first thing to show wear after years of daily use. While we would all love to have pristine floors at all times, the truth is it’s just not possible. If you’re looking to update your floors but not spend a bundle, check out these budget-friendly floor solutions.

Wood flooring solutions

There’s something about hardwood flooring that makes people want to hold on to it. If your home has hardwood floors worth salvaging there’s a number of things you can do to them to bring them back to their original glory. If your floors are beyond repair, try these solutions instead.

floor cloth floor solution

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Solution #1 – Floor cloth.

An uncommon but useful option. Floor cloths were very popular in the 18th century and are starting to come back into style. What is a floor cloth? Similar to a carpet, but not nearly as thick, floor cloths work great on hard surfaces like tile or wood. This makes them an ideal solution for any unsightly kitchen flooring. They’re usually made out of a canvas-like fabric and can be painted with any pattern. Because there’s no installation involved, a good floor cloth can move with you from home to home.

While floor cloths are rather expensive, you can DIY yours for much cheaper. This tutorial from HGTV will help get you started. From there the only limitations are your imagination and artistic ability.

painted wood floor

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Solution #2 – Paint.

Pricing for this option can fluctuate a lot depending on what kind of paint you use and how much you need. Paint price aside, painting your floors will always be less expensive than replacing them completely. Painting your floors also gives you the option of choosing whatever colour you want or experimenting with different patterns and designs.

Try adding a layer of glossy paint to your floors. It will not only make the room look fresher and brighter, the high gloss paint will make cleaning easier. What’s not to love about nicer floors that are easier to clean?

Carpet flooring solutions

Moving into a new place and discovering wall to wall carpeting is no one’s ideal situation. Throw in a couple of mystery stains and you’ve got yourself a real flooring nightmare.

area rug on carpet

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Solution #1 – Add another carpet.

While this might sound ridiculous at first, think about this as a legitimate option. Layered carpets are a conscious choice some designers make. If your original carpet is a neutral colour, adding a brightly coloured or fun patterned rug will help draw attention away from the off-beige carpeting covering your room. By drawing your eye elsewhere, that carpet will all but disappear from your mind.

Having multiple area rugs also help break up larger rooms. If you have both a tv watching space and a home office in your living room, adding separate area rugs can help define these as different spaces.

laminate floor solution

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Solution #2 – Try laminate flooring.

If you’re ambitious enough, it is possible to DIY laminate flooring on top of your already existing carpet. While this won’t work for thick or shag carpets, it is an ideal alternative to covering up low pile apartment carpet with a snap-in laminate floor. A great option for renters, doing this gives you the freedom to have the floors you want and not feel stuck with your old carpets. Be sure to check with your landlord before you start installing.

Vinyl or Linoleum flooring solutions

For kitchen and bathroom floors that have seen better days, covering the discoloured flooring will greatly improve the appearance of these rooms.


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Solution #1 – More vinyl.

Often times, vinyl or tiled flooring isn’t in terrible condition but it doesn’t look great. Easily stained and scuffed, vinyl floors show damage quickly. If your bathroom or kitchen has floors that are still in good condition but are not your style or just look old and gross, your best bet is to completely cover them.

Head to your local hardware store and pick up some rolled-up sheet vinyl flooring to cover the existing floor. You will have to cut around appliances and cabinets, but if you don’t mind a little planning ahead, this transformation will be worth it. Ideal for renters, simply secure the edges with a little hot glue and you’re done. New floors in an afternoon.

painted vinyl

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Solution #2 – Get creative.

If your floors are in good condition and totally recovering them isn’t an option for you, then try painting them. Adding a custom pattern to your floors can help conceal any imperfections but it can also help bring new life to your floors. With your custom paint job, the only limits are your abilities to paint. Try using a stencil for more intricate patterns. Painters tape is a great way to create easy geometric shapes. Check out this tutorial from 1915 House for step by step instructions.

Try these budget-friendly flooring solutions in your home and see what a difference they make. If DIYs aren’t for you, live with your ugly floors a little longer and then call in a professional to get the job done.

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Posted by Jessica Greaves

Jessica Greaves is a content writer for the HomeStars Blog.