A person’s home is their castle and the HomeStars team takes that saying to heart. We understand the difficulties in home renovations, which is why we hope our site will ease the process for you.

We are very appreciative when people share their reviews. Home owners take the time to let us into their lives (virtually, of course) and give intimate details about their experiences, a story that will help the next person that is in the same position.

Of course, not all reviews are good and some are just downright fantastic. Today, I want to share a few of my favourite reviews and tell you why.

Details, details, details

C&A in Durand wrote a review for the folks at Beverley Hills Home Improvement on the replacement of their basement and first floor window. What makes this review so great? The detail about the project from start to end. C&A clearly explained what work was done and what they liked about Beverley Hills. It’s informative and helpful.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Well, we really only need 30 words for a review but ones that come with pictures really stand out. Cam in Pickering included three photos of his stunning deck by Master Deck and Contracting. We’re glad he did because words would not do that deck justice!

Share it

Not only did Rick on the Danforth write a thorough review about his new roof by Brookside Roofing, but he also used the available tools to share it on Twitter. If you take a look at the bottom of each review you’ll see that there are a few other options for you to share.  If Twitter isn’t your thing there’s also a Facebook button or you can email to a friend. These options are there so you can get your word out in more than one place, and Rick (aka @richardwoosley) did just that!

Honesty is the best policy

Avril in Hamilton gave Arkl Electric a great review….but not perfect, and we’re happy about that! We provide home owners with a range from 1 – 10 for a reason, because sometimes the company did the work and you’d hire them again but there was a little something that didn’t sit right. Avril was helpful in explaining the reasoning behind the review and still said that she was “satisfied” and “would recommend to others”.

And this one puts a smile on my face

And then there are the reviews that just make me smile! Mark in Hamilton left a genuine review for We Haul Moving and Storage that sounds like it really came from the heart.

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