If you’re a green building fan like me, you’ve probably looked on enviously at Ottawa’s and Vancouver’s green building stores wondering why we here in Toronto don’t have the same thing. (Ottawa has “The Healthiest Home” and Vancouver has “Greenworks Building Supply“). But surprisingly nothing like those stores existed in Toronto — until now.

In July Green Design Studio opened its doors — and more or less a stampede through the gate followed. Catherine Bottoni, Green Design Studio’s Manager, told me that people have been coming in and saying “Finally I don’t have to traipse all over the city to track down the green products I’m looking for!” (Which of course also saves those nasty greenhouse gases.)

The store sells everything from dishware made from bamboo or recycled glass, furniture and bedding, through to flooring, carpeting, paints and tiles. They’ve also recently added design, renovation and build services.

Catherine said that they will be offering “lunch and learn” sessions where they will explain the benefits and uses of new products. Initially open to the trades only, eventually these sessions will also be open to the public.

In a follow-up post I’ll feature a few of the products Green Design Studio offers and what makes them green.

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