Whether you’re looking to change things up this season or wondering how to decorate with the latest fall colour trends, we’ve got suggestions for the colour brave and those who are still flirting with the idea of change.

Pantone is the leading authority when it comes to seasonal colour changes. While their choices this year are not traditional fall colours, their fresh take on seasonal colours gives us all the chance to try something new and experiment with colour.


Pantone colours for fall 2016

Small changes can make a big impact:

If painting an entire room is too much commitment for you right now, try incorporating fall colours in home accessories and small places that can be swapped out if you decide you’ve made a mistake — just hold on to your receipt.


The easiest (and often cheapest) way to add colour to your home is through small accessories. Try a new throw blanket or pillows to incorporate fall colours into your home. A small area rug or a new lamp shade are easy and low commitment. Small accessories can also be stored away and used again next season, so you can think of them as small investment pieces. Changing up your flowers and swapping them for seasonal gourds is also an easy and inexpensive way to welcome fall into your home. Give it a try, and if you hate it, return it!

Unexpected places for changes:

If you’re feeling a little bit braver after you’ve incorporated a throw pillow here and there, try adding a splash of paint in unexpected places. You can DIY these small paint jobs by buying paint yourself, or you can call in a professional.


These clever designs allow you to test out a new colour without fully committing to having it change your space completely.  If the small pop of colour begins to grow on you, you can always pick up that paint can and paint more of your space in the new colour. We love the idea of painting the inside of a bookshelf or cabinets, a surprise of colour every time you open them. Or, give those unsightly radiators a colour refresh and paint them a contrasting colour to your walls. Painting a door is an easy afternoon job that can really change up your space. If you wanted to get really crazy, you could paint each side a different colour! If those small changes aren’t enough colour for you, go bolder and do a feature wall to add a pop of colour to any room.

Switch it up with coloured furniture:

If painting isn’t your thing, maybe you’re a renter or love the wall colour you’ve already got, there’s always furniture to add colour to your space.


Whether you decide it’s time to reupholster that old couch grandma gave you or decide it’s time to give it up completely, there are lots of on-trend colours happening in furniture right now. Furniture is a great way to add colour to your space as it makes a statement the minute you walk into the room. Try adding a funky coloured reading chair to your living room, or bright stools to your breakfast bar and see how quickly it changes the space. The best thing about furniture is that is can be moved around a lot easier than a painted wall. Take that arm chair from room to room, or from old apartment to new house.

Go bold, really bold:

If you’re brave enough, try transforming an entire room by keeping it monochromatic in a fresh new colour. Sure, this isn’t the most cost effective way of doing things, but if you’re a risk taker and a lover of colour, we say go for it!


Whether you’re looking for seasonal pops of colour through accessories, or to boldly change up your look, there’s no better time than the present. If you use a painter, upholsterer, or any other service to change up your space, leave a review with pictures so we can see your new fall look!

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Posted by Jessica Greaves

Jessica Greaves is a content writer for the HomeStars Blog.