If you’re searching for a new countertop and are leaning towards something that’s a little kinder on the earth than laminate or stone, there are now plenty of options available that have many “green” elements to them.

Stainless steel counter tops consist of, on average,75% recycled steel and can contain up to 100% recycled content. They emit no VOCs, are non-porous and antibacterial. However, they do show fingerprints and scratch easily.

Stainless steel countertops are available in Toronto at: Perfect Stainless, Serious Stainless and other retail stores.

Alkemi Countertops: Alkemi countertops are made from 35% “fine flake aluminum milling scrap” a post-industrial waste products. It is available in 12 colours and three different surface treatments (Textured, Classic and Honed).

Available in Toronto through Green Design Studio.

Recycled glass: There are plenty of recycled glass countertops on the market these days. Each of them has their own unique charm.

IceStone: is an American product, made in Brooklyn consisting of 100% glass which is otherwise bound for landfill, mixed with concrete to create a surface that is twice as durable as marble.  Like a stone product, it does need to be sealed on a regular basis. It is available in a variety of colours.

Bio Glass: is 100% recycled and recyclable glass. It is available in six natural colours and can be used for backsplashes or countertops.

Paperstone is a material made from either 100% post-consumer cardboard or 100% post-consumer office paper mixed with a non-oetroleum based resin. It can be used for as kitchen and bathroom countertops and comes in a variety of colours.

IceStone, Bio Glass and Paperstone are available through The Surface Group Inc., Uniform Custom Countertops Inc., The Zero Point, Green Design Studio, and other retailers.

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