I’m really late on this post. There were the holidays and I was away taking a little time off. But as I left for down south there was a great article about us from Ellen Roseman, a great consumer/money columnist for the Toronto Star and YourHome.ca.

As a consumer columnist Ellen gets a lot of calls about all sorts of issues, including a lot in the Home Improvement industry. There’s a wide range of complaints, some about products such as roofing materials and consumer goods, but many are about both big and small companies in the home improvement industry.  She can’t tackle them all, and in this era, why should she? Consumer can just go on and write themselves on the companies in question? Tell their stories about their experience.

As readers know, HomeStars will publish your review if there’s a transaction, and if not, there’s always our forum to discuss other issues with companies.

Always nice to get good press from a prestigious publication like the Toronto Star! Thanks!

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