On Monday, July 8th, 2013, the city of Toronto experienced its wettest day in recorded history, with more than 100mm of rain falling, the equivalent of one month’s worth of rain, in just three tempestuous hours. The storm caused the flooding of major arteries, roadways and homes, as well as shutting down much of the city’s transit system.

Compared with the major flooding that occurred in the Calgary area just a few short weeks ago, most Torontonians emerged from the crisis relatively unscathed. With that said, there is still much recovery and clean-up to be done from this most recent of natural disasters.

What Can You Do?

What should you do if you are currently experiencing flooding issues in your basement? The city of Toronto advises residents to contact their insurance company as soon as possible to report any damage, and to be mindful of their health and safety — do not stand in the flood water. Make sure you enlist the services of the professionals dealing with any flooding.

How Can We Help?

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and need some help dealing with the after-effects of the flood on your home, HomeStars.com has an extensive list of contractors who can assist you in this process. Check out the links below for reputable companies you can contact for help with:


Since the flooding in Toronto occurred, we have received a number of positive reviews from homeowners who had work done prior to Monday’s storm and were thus able to avoid many of the storm’s ill effects on their homes:

Tim in Etobicoke writes, “I’ve been holding off posting a review for the work Mario did on my house in the Summer of 2011, as I wanted to go a couple years to make sure it held up. Yesterday was the mother of all rain storms in Toronto (July 8, 2013) and I’m very pleased to report that while my shed is sitting in a lake in the backyard, my basement is bone dry!!!”.

Nadia in North York reports that “due to the severe weather we had last night I was extremely worried about flooding. Luckily we have the battery back-up [for our sump-pump] which was continuously running for approximately 7 hours. I was not sure how long it would last so I called Clarke Basement Systems and was told someone would call me back. Within 3 hours Fitz called and advised me it would work for 20 hours. I felt very relieved and we had no flooding!”.

Patrick in Toronto is also feeling very grateful in the aftermath of the floods, stating that “given tonight’s epic rain storm in Toronto, it seems like a good time to write this review. We bought a century old home near Little India/Beaches. The foundation below grade was crumbling. I had the […] walls done by Stephen in 2011…. Came home tonight, fearing the worst. Basement is dry. No water. No mold. Eaves are overflowing but the water is not getting into my basement.”

Share Your Story

Have a post-flood story similar to the ones above? Feel free to share with your fellow homeowners by writing a review on HomeStars.com. Damage to your home and not sure what steps to take next? Reach out and ask other homeowners and contractors on our forum.



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