We got another letter from a company listed on our site. He suggests that he doesn’t want to be on our site because a competitor, who he claims is worse than him, is on the site.

Here’s a paraphrase of his note:

You are using my Company and name to help {company X} sell his bogus service. I see you now have over 50 companies in my category. You should know there are less than 10 good ones in all of BC.
Your website implies it has vetted the listed companies.
Client referrals implies the service provider has happy customers, it’s easy to intimidate clients to write a testimonial, most have no yardstick to compare services so it’s easy to say “great guy, great service”.

Let me start by saying it seems, from our perspective reading his reviews, that this company is doing a good job at what they do, but we are far from experts in his field.  Our job, as HomeStars, is to provide as comprehensive a list of companies as possible, so homeowners can find and rate the good and the bad. So it’s our responsibility to list all companies, and our author, we think, should be honoured to be listed with his less than perfect competitors.

While many of us at HomeStars have done renovations on their own homes, we are by no means experts; and I’ve looked over our site to try and find any implication that we’ve “vetted” anyone on the site. Apart from having read reviews from many, many homeowners, I still probably couldn’t tell a good contractor from a bad one, and that’s not our job. It’s not what we’re good at, and we’ll let experts at that do their job.

Our job is to provide a platform to let homeowners tell their stories. We think we do a pretty good job at that.

Good companies will get bad reviews, and bad companies will get good reviews. In the end, the bad companies will be ‘vettted’ by the users. If you have a bad experience with a company – or find someone who does – make sure that review gets up on the site, such that next time someone is looking for that company they will know about someone’s past experience.

What do you think? Feel free to comment!

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