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The Tool Box: Canada Day

This is a weekly blogging segment that reviews the past week’s trends in the home improvement industry or hot topics related to our readers. If you come across a cool post or video you think should be included, send an email with the subject line “Tool Box” to inbound AT...

/ July 1, 2011

Under One Roof: Aging Parents or Grandparents

living under the same roof has been a norm for many cultures for decades. Today, when you find multiple generations living together, it’s often by necessity. Life expectancy is increasing which makes us question living arrangements for mom and/or dad. On the other hand and sometimes to the dismay of their...

/ June 29, 2011

Growing a Giving Garden

HomeStars had the pleasure of supporting the Giving Garden in Kemptville over the past weekend. The Giving Garden is entirely volunteer run. It is a lovely open space just off a main-thoroughfare in Kemptville. Earlier this year during a wind storm, the garden shed had toppled over. The gardeners had...

/ June 23, 2011

Need Gardening Advice? Get Your Garden’s Groove On!

Have you noticed the costs of food rising? I feel it every time at the grocery store checkout. With such price increases, more people will need to find alternative and affordable food sources. That’s why we’re in support The Giving Garden in Kemptville. The Giving Garden is a place that...

/ June 14, 2011

Restoring a Heritage Grist Mill in Spencerville

While we try to help a wide variety of community groups at HomeStars, it isn’t often that we find a charity or a project that directly relates to renovations. Thus we were eager to support the Spencerville Mill Foundation in its ongoing pursuit to restore a great heritage building. The...

/ May 16, 2011

HomeStars Sponsors ReStore’s Summer BBQ

HomeStars is sponsoring the Toronto Habitat for Humanity Restore BBQ and we're bringing our friends, and they're bringing theirs, and we're going to eat, drink and get to know each other.

/ July 22, 2009

HomeStars Welcomes Vancouver Habitat Restores

In June we offered a promotion to the folks at Habitat for Humanity Toronto to upgrade their Restore Listings to premium because of the great work they do.

/ July 14, 2009

National Home Show Exhibits Part 2.

I spent Tuesday at the National Home Show (where you can write a review and get $7 off your ticket) speaking with many of the different exhibitors about why their products stand out from others at the show. I spoke with hot tub exhibitors, patio furniture and awning suppliers, solar...

/ February 26, 2009

Insulating paint — an alternative to traditional insulation

Our previous house was constructed in the standard manner for the 1950s:  double brick walls with no insulation between the two brick layers. In the winter the exterior walls felt like the inside of a refrigerator. One insulation company told me that while a blow-in foam insulation could be inserted, it would...

/ January 27, 2009