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What Do You Do in a Renovation Emergency?

My upstairs bathroom faucet had a teeny leak, so my husband bought a replacement to change it this weekend. However, when we got up this morning, the teeny leak turned into a full onslaught of water running. Worse yet, it was the hot water tap so there was no way...

/ January 7, 2011

Shovel Your Walk? – Finding a Good Snow Removal Company Is Tough!

Finding a good snow removal company can be tough. Reading the reviews for many of these companies there seems to be a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver.

/ December 14, 2009

Moldy Basement? Concrobium eliminates mold safely and easily, without bleach

Concrobium has been approved by Health Canada as a safe, non-toxic substance with no emissions of volatile organic compounds. It has also been registered with Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

/ November 18, 2009
Traditional Wooden door by Doors Galore

IIDEX and Green Building Fest Round-up

A review of a few of the items from IIDEX (the International Interior Design Show), including a review of Dufferin Concrete, Accoya Wood, MADE Design, and ReOrient.

/ September 29, 2009
Home Yoga Studio

New, Durable “Smart Interior Wash and Wear” Paint from CIL, Available At a Retailer Near You

CIL Smart Wash and Wear Paint: a smart way to paint your walls -- one coat, durable, and washable.

/ September 1, 2009
After the Landscaping Renovation by Distinctive Designs.

Contracts Are Good, No Matter How Small

I had a note from a friend of mine that reminded me how important paperwork can be, even for the  smaller home maintenance projects. Long story short, Susan hired the same snow removal service as her neighbours in mid December. Susan explicitly asked them to put a contract in the...

/ January 8, 2009

Winter Window Woes

Winter Window Woes By  Graham Clarke, VP Engineering, Carson Dunlop. Did you know that extreme winter cold can place undue stress on your house? Consider your windows. A graphic example of the effects of extreme cold can be seen on the old single-glazed, metal-framed windows in many older homes. Over...

/ November 20, 2008
Small living room with bright shots of colour. Photo via

A Winter Tune-up Treatise

One of the great joys of living in Canada is the change of seasons. Autumn's colors and crispness will soon be making way for winter's exciting first snowfall. Of course, one of the great burdens of living in Canada is the extreme conditions we ask ourselves and our houses to...

/ October 28, 2008

How’s The Mold In Your Basement?

It’s springtime, and the snow has melted (supposedly…let’s see if we don’t get one last snowstorm). Most homes have basements (or your home may BE a basement if you’re in a basement-level condo or apartment), and as winter melting and spring rains set in, it’s time to think about mold....

/ April 3, 2008