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“I Want Environmentally Friendly Wood Floors. Should I use FSC Hardwood or Bamboo?”

A friend is renovating her house and her hardwood floors can't be resanded (the greenest -- and cheapest-- option if available), so she wants to put in new flooring. She wants to use green flooring but she wasn't sure if that meant bamboo or local hardwood. Below is a brief...

/ August 25, 2009

HomeStars is looking for a Web Developer

You're a web programmer that's passionate about developing rockin' apps; from design to model, to controller, to view. Coordinating with the larger team product team, you need to own the final product : crafting high quality releases, delivering the product on time.

/ July 20, 2009

Adanac Glass Launches New Showroom

Earlier tonight I went up to the launch of Adanac Glass's new showroom at the invitation of the generous Donna Heslin. The event was fabulous with lots of interesting people including the famous Sarah Richardson, as well as some good food and wine. I met a number of customers, partners...

/ April 23, 2009

Where to Buy Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Choosing hardwood flooring can be overwhelming. There are endless suppliers out there, each offering a variety of hardwood flooring options. There’s solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, unfinished, prefinished, wide plank, antiqued, distressed, hand-scraped. And it’s available in maple, oak, cherry, alder, birch, fir….in what seems like a thousand different colour options...

/ March 26, 2009

Renovation Pays – literally. Government will be helping out.

It's time to renovate your house, and Mr Harper is going to help out with a little tax credit to make it a little cheaper and easier.

/ January 28, 2009

How to Shop for the Perfect Area Rug

by Belinda Albo, interior designer An Area Rug is a great way to add the finishing touch to any room. In addition, area rugs have several practical benefits. They add warmth, intimacy, and reduce noise levels. They define a rooms boundaries, which helps to unify and complete a room. WHAT SIZE?...

/ November 28, 2008
A delightful She-Shed - or Scriptorium - for writing by Shed Solutions of Calgary

Eco-Friendly Building Materials

By Kelly Turnbull Sacchidananda Design Solutions There is no doubt about it; everyone wants to be more environmentally responsible. However, going green can be a little overwhelming. The best advice I can give is to pick your battles. You don’t have to save the world all at once.  Just a...

/ November 24, 2008

How’s The Mold In Your Basement?

It’s springtime, and the snow has melted (supposedly…let’s see if we don’t get one last snowstorm). Most homes have basements (or your home may BE a basement if you’re in a basement-level condo or apartment), and as winter melting and spring rains set in, it’s time to think about mold....

/ April 3, 2008

Yes You Can Find a Great Contractor On The Web

So our users tell us, and why we are so committed to making HomeStars a trusted forum to read and write our experiences. I was reading Mike Holmes’ article in the Globe this weekend about how so many directory sites are a joke. He didn’t name anyone but gave an...

/ April 17, 2007