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5 Reviews & What Makes Them Great: For Homeowners, By Homeowners

We see a lot of different reviews at HomeStars. There are the Angry – homeowners incensed by a wrong and demanding redress. There are the effusively Happy – gushing with gratitude for a job well done. And at times the Hurried – the reviews to achieve a means, like getting...

/ August 9, 2011

Three Alternative Roofs to Consider

Looking around at a standard North American neighbourhood the diversity of roofs might not be overly apparent. Sure they come in, what, two or three colours, but after the options of shingles or steel, what other choices are there? Numerous, perhaps surprisingly so given the doldrums of mass urban planning....

/ July 21, 2011

Summer Traffic Report & Search Word Forecast

I took a look into both the search words and queries that bring people to HomeStars and the words and queries that are used once someone reaches the site, to get a better idea of what to expect in the coming months. Some of the most popular searches, no matter...

/ July 7, 2011

Growing a Giving Garden

HomeStars had the pleasure of supporting the Giving Garden in Kemptville over the past weekend. The Giving Garden is entirely volunteer run. It is a lovely open space just off a main-thoroughfare in Kemptville. Earlier this year during a wind storm, the garden shed had toppled over. The gardeners had...

/ June 23, 2011

Tool Box – Outdoor Living

This is a regular blogging segment that reviews the past week’s trends in the home improvement industry. If you come across a cool post or video you think should be included, send an email with the subject line “Tool Box” to inbound AT homestars DOT com, or Tweet it to...

/ June 3, 2011

Selling Your Home: 7 Questions for Penny Southam

I recently had the chance to put seven questions to local superstar, Penny Southam. You might know Penny from the hit W Network television show All For Nothing?. Penny also just happens to be one of Ottawa’s top interior designers to boot. 1. Spring marks the opening of real estate...

/ May 26, 2011

Restoring a Heritage Grist Mill in Spencerville

While we try to help a wide variety of community groups at HomeStars, it isn’t often that we find a charity or a project that directly relates to renovations. Thus we were eager to support the Spencerville Mill Foundation in its ongoing pursuit to restore a great heritage building. The...

/ May 16, 2011

Safety first…your Home Fireplace

There’s something extra special about a fireplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s wood-burning, gas or electric, a fireplace adds ambiance to your home especially during the winter. Whether you have already lit your first fire of the season or not, here are a few important fireplace safety tips to remember:...

/ December 29, 2010
Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Mooza Wood Arts

Kitchen Trend 2010 & Predictions for 2011

Awhile back I started sorting through reviews on kitchens to find our favorite kitchens of 2010. While looking through reviews and photos (one of the best parts of this job is checking out some of the gorgeous renovation pictures homeowners add to their reviews) I was surprised by how similar...

/ November 4, 2010
Traditional Wooden door by Doors Galore

IIDEX and Green Building Fest Round-up

A review of a few of the items from IIDEX (the International Interior Design Show), including a review of Dufferin Concrete, Accoya Wood, MADE Design, and ReOrient.

/ September 29, 2009