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HomeStars Community Raises $1768 Toward Haiti Relief

As we all know Haiti has been devastated by a massive earthquake and over 1M people are now homeless. The HomeStars community pitched in during the recent Best of Toronto awards and the Best of Hamilton awards to contribute to the cause.

/ February 12, 2010

Best Hamilton Contractors 2009 – Awards & Pub Night

Last night HomeStars, in conjunction with the new Ideal Home and Garden Show, came to Hamilton to introduce HomeStars to exhibitors of the show, as well as recognize the achievements of the Hamilton contractors and home improvement specialists who have been rated by their customers as the best in the...

/ February 12, 2010

Best Contractors of Calgary – 2009 Awards

Last Thursday we announced the our second annual Best of Toronto Contractor awards, yesterday we rolled out Vancouver today we launch the Best of Calgary winners, again the first awards in that city.

/ February 8, 2010

The Best Contractors of Vancouver – 2009

Last Thursday we announced the our second annual Best of Toronto Contractor awards and launched them on our site. Today we launch the Best of Vancouver representing our first Vancouver contractor awards.

/ February 7, 2010

The Best Toronto Contractors – 2009 Awards Night

Last night HomeStars announced the Best of Toronto awards at the Toronto Cricket Club. About 200 people showed up representing about 110 different companies. It was a night to celebrate those that don't get publicly rewarded often for the hard work they put into their businesses.

/ February 5, 2010

Best of 2009 Toronto Awards Night Coming Up on February 4

On February 4 the Best of 2009 winners will be unveiled in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Hamilton – similar to our 2008 Best of winner page. Last year over 80 companies came out to celebrate the event.  This year there are 95 qualifiers and everyone is welcome. We are not...

/ January 31, 2010