Canada is a diverse country with design influences from around the world. Because of this, you might have a hard time conjuring up what Canadian style really is.

We’ve taken inspiration from the history of our nation, sports and activities close to our hearts, and the animals that inhabit the land to come up with what we feel are distinctly Canadian design elements. Try adding some of these items into your space and you’ll feel right at home in no time.

Outdoor Touches

Our first area of inspiration is the environment; from the colours in the beautiful leaves that fall in the autumn, to the crisp whites of winter, there’s a lot of natural beauty throughout Canada. We love the trend of incorporating natural wood elements into Canadiana styled homes. They add textural appeal and a rustic element that is uniquely Canadian. The options are endless when it comes to ways you can add wood to your design. We love the use of reclaimed wood for headboards, bookcases, and coffee tables. If adding wood to your home isn’t your style, try incorporating tree motifs as these will echo the forests of Canada throughout your home.

Canadian themed bedroom

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Cabin in the Woods

What’s more Canadian than decorating your home like you’re at the cottage? In addition to wooden touches, try incorporating items like oars and boats into your design to feel like you’re back at the summer cabin all year round.

Plaid is another great way to incorporate classic Canadiana into your home. You don’t have to go full out lumberjack, but pops of plaid can be surprisingly chic. Try placing a throw blanket or pillows into your design to add an understated pattern.

Canadian bedroom

Image courtesy of Savvy Southern Style

Animals & Antlers

Canada is home to many unique animals; just take a look at our national animal, the beaver. While the beaver is perhaps not the most aesthetically pleasing animal in terms of design, there are many others that are. Take moose or deer for example. Their beautiful antlers have been used in

Take moose or deer for example. Their beautiful antlers have been used in art for centuries. While we don’t condone going out and getting these items yourself, vintage and manufactured antlers are a great choice to add to your Canadian inspired home. We love seeing the ways antlers have been incorporated into lighting fixtures lately.

If antlers aren’t your taste, try incorporating some of the other animals that call Canada home. Bears and loons are other classically Canadian animals that look great and are easy to find in art.

Dining room with antlers

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Good Ol’ Canadian Games

Canada loves hockey and hockey loves Canada, but what about adding in pieces from other Canadian activities? Besides hockey, try incorporating items from lacrosse, skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and canoeing. You can find vintage sporting equipment in thrift and vintage shops across the country, or maybe even in your grandparents’ garage. Show these pieces a little love and you’ll be surprised by how well they can work up on your walls as art. Even better if they come with a story behind them, like all vintage pieces should have.

Cottage living room

Image courtesy of HGTV

Before Canada

When thinking of Canada as a whole, we must remember those who inhabited this land from the beginning. There is a strong connection to First Nations people, and their art and culture is seen across Canada. Try incorporating First Nations art into your home through prints, sculpture or architectural elements. Take some time this Canada Day to learn more about the rich history of the First Nations so you can appreciate these pieces even more.

First Nations art

Image courtesy of Sabina Hill

Hudson’s Bay

What’s Canadiana design without the iconic striped blanket from Hudson’s Bay? You could use this pattern anywhere in your home and it would instantly scream Canada. Whether you think it is cliche or classic, one cannot see this pattern and not think of Canada. If you have one of these blankets, try using it in other ways than just a throw for the chesterfield or on the bed. We love the use of it in unexpected ways, such as curtains or even as an art piece.

room with hudson's bay blanket as art

Image courtesy of Pancakes & Beet Juice

With Canada’s 150th birthday fast approaching, now is the perfect time to amp up your national pride around the house. Celebrate Canadiana design without being too cheesy (we’re talking cheese curd cheesy) by following our style guide. For more inspiration check out our Canadiana Pinterest board.

We’d love to see how you use Canadiana design throughout your home. Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and most importantly, have a happy Canada Day!

Posted by Jessica Greaves