The modern woman’s answer to marriage counselling.

Shed: Middle English, to divide, separate, from Old English scēadan; akin to Old High German skeidan to separate, Latin scindere to split, cleave, Greek schizein to split. First Known Use: before 12th century.

Fast forward one thousand years give or take a few and every woman we know who owns a house wants her own She-Shed. It’s the place where she can relax, host a few friends, or practice her hobbies in peace. It’s the equivalent to a man-cave, only much prettier of course, and is ideal when surrounded by restorative nature.

Some women even claim the She-Shed is a marriage-saver. We figure this might because it’s the only place we and our g-friends feel comfortable drinking wine in our yoga pants, but we’re sure there are many other, more complicated reasons.

So we asked ourselves, how can a regular woman build her own marriage-saving She-Shed, quickly and (ideally) inexpensively?

How to Build a She-Shed
Not your usual shabby-chic She-Shed. We love.

Not your usual shabby-chic She-Shed. We love.

The easiest path to quickly building your own She-Shed is to use an already existing structure on your property. If you have a garden shed that your family no longer needs, consider cleaning it out and sprucing it up with details and features that fit within your budget.

Typically, She-Sheds do not contain plumbing or electricity, particularly if you are working with an existing Shed. This of course means that in colder climates the She-Shed will be useable in the Winter only if an alternate source of heating is installed that does not require electricity.

Painting your shed inside and out is an easy way to update the space after a good cleaning. Some ways to add style to your shed include installing skylights, french doors or even a little deck out front. Or why not add a calming water feature such as a moat to keep out interlopers, provide a new home for a school of koi, and add some visual interest?

Zen-inspired artist retreat by The Modern Shed Company

Zen-inspired artist retreat by The Modern Shed Company

Alternatively, if you do not have an existing structure, there are many options for purchasing a pre-made kit, which can be assembled with the help of professionals, or on your own if you have other folks to help. Customizations such as gingerbread molding and peaked roofs will add charm to your hideaway.

The important thing to think about when decorating and styling your She-Shed both inside and out, is how the space will reflect your style, and what you will use it for.

If you have the money, the option to build a custom shed is an intriguing one that will allow you to get exactly what you desire from your private retreat.

Budgeting for your She-Shed

The price of a She-Shed can vary from $300 for a very basic steel shed up to $6,000 or more for a pre-built, stylish shed, not including decor and furniture. Custom built sheds can run upwards of $10,000 or more, depending on customizations and other factors.

At HomeStars we’ve been collecting price data about shed and gazebo construction through our homeowner reviews. We looked at over 150 shed and gazebo construction projects that our homeowners have undertaken from 2013 to 2015 and averaged the price. As a starting point for your research, that average is $3,700.

To provide context, here is a lovely shed that one of our Homeowners had built by Summerwood Products in Toronto in 2014 for $3,400 not including assembly and shingles.

Shed by Summerwood Products

Shed by Summerwood Products

Check out our Pinterest She-Shed board regularly for lots of ideas and inspiration as you plan out your hideaway.

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Posted by Leslie Andrachuk