Does your kitchen look a little dated, like it’s seen better days? While a full kitchen renovation might be your first thought, your bank account may disagree with that plan — a full kitchen renovation can easily cost upwards of $20,000. If a full kitchen renovation isn’t a possibility right now, try incorporating these upgrades to achieve a freshly renovated kitchen look on a DIY budget.

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Improvement Ideas

Paint Cabinets

Kitchen Before.

Kitchen After. Image courtesy of Renaissance Painters Review

The easiest way to make a quick and big improvement to the overall look of your kitchen is to paint your cabinets. This job can quickly be done by a professional usually in about a day depending on the size of your kitchen, or you can go the DIY route for extra savings.

Look at the dramatic difference in this homeowner’s kitchen just from painting the cabinets from dated pine to the tuxedo look of today. Painting your cabinets gives you the freedom to experiment with different colour combinations not offered in stores. It’s like getting a custom kitchen at fraction of the cost.

While you’re at it, give the walls a fresh coat of paint too. You’ll feel like you’re cooking in a new kitchen in no time.

Change Hardware

Image courtesy of Mint Design Blog

If you’re happy with the current colour of your cabinets but feel they’re still lacking something special, opt for updating your cabinet hardware instead. Changing out the hardware on your cupboards and cabinets is a fast way to inject some unique personal style into your kitchen.

These days, there are countless styles to choose from, all at different price points. Take a trip to your local hardware store or check them out online. You can find interesting pulls and knobs at all sorts of stores and online shops these days. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Who says all kitchen hardware has to look the same?

While you’re updating your cabinets (or having a handyman do it for you), be sure to fix any doors that are falling off or close to it. Your kitchen will never feel like new if you’re still struggling with your old issues.

Backsplash Update

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After. Image courtesy of Kasa Bella Review

Updating your backsplash might not seem like the best way to spend money, but trust us, changing this small element can seriously impact your kitchen for the better. Take a look at the kitchen pictured above. The busy and dark pattern backsplash made the kitchen look smaller and busy. By simply changing the backsplash to a classic white subway tile, this kitchen nook instantly looks modern and bright.

If you’re not looking to call in a pro for this type of renovation, why not go the DIY route with a removable peel and stick backsplash. These sticker backsplashes are relatively new on the market but are quickly gaining popularity, especially among renters. If you’re looking for a low commitment change, try these out.

New Appliances

Image courtesy of Shannon Trevors

Now that you’ve repainted your cabinets and purchased new hardware to match your backsplash stickers, it’s time for the biggest upgrade in your kitchen — new appliances.

Say good-bye to your off-white-nearly-yellow fridge and ditch the grease-covered oven for a matching set in a contemporary colour.

Depending on your budget, new doesn’t necessarily have to mean brand new from the store. Second hand or refurbished appliances can still make your kitchen look like it’s been given a serious upgrade at half the price. Bringing in new-to-you appliances will be the cherry on top of your kitchen update sundae.

Professional Cleaning

Image courtesy of Huffington Post

Sometimes all your kitchen really needs is a thorough scrubbing to make it look new again. Treat yourself and have someone else do all the hard things like cleaning your stove and wiping down your cabinets. For a much smaller fee than a complete renovation, you could hire a cleaning company to come once a month and give you the happiness that comes with a freshly cleaned kitchen.

Now that you know your options, try out some of these ideas and watch your kitchen improve before your eyes. Have any other ideas of how to easily upgrade other rooms in your house? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Posted by Jessica Greaves