A good night’s sleep: something so necessary, but so hard to come by. There are many little things that you can do to ensure you get your much needed beauty rest, such as painting the colour of your bedroom. According to a study done by Travelodge , these 5 colours can positively affect your sleeping habits.


It is said that people associate blue with calmness and tranquility, making it the perfect hue for the bedroom. This was further proven by the Travelodge study that concluded that those with a blue bedroom clock in an average 7 hours and 52 minutes of sleep each night.

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Yellow is said to be the second best colour for your bedroom as it evokes a comfy, inviting feeling. The study gathered that those with yellow bedrooms get an average 7 hours and 40 minutes of sleep every night.

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In third place is green with an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes of sleep each night. The study also found that 22% of those who have a green bedroom wake up in a positive and upbeat mood. The best shades of green for relaxation are moss green and olive green.

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Shades of silvers and grey have proven to induce a feeling of relaxation, with an average night’s sleep of 7 hours and 33 minutes. Travelodge’s research also happened to prove that 21% of those with silver decor in their bedroom feel more inclined to exercise in their bedroom.

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Orange is an incredibly warm colour, and for that reason it makes the list at number 5. Those with an orange room average 7 hours and 28 minutes of sleep per night. Orange tends to be a hue that people think is a bit crazy, but when done right, it can particularly soothing.

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The trick with all of these colours is to use them in a subtle way. Soft and subtle shades of these colours promote serenity, while bright and bold shades can increase the amount of energy in a room, making it hard to relax.

According the the study, the two worst colours for your bedroom are brown and purple.

So it is true, the colour of your bedroom really can have a significant affect on your sleeping patterns. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself and hire a painter to transform your bedroom into a personal oasis.

Posted by Connor Cherrie