A new backsplash can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom in a flash, and depending on the material you use, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for the impact. At HomeStars we see thousands of backsplash installation projects each year. Here are some that will give you perspective on the cost involved as you plan your project.

Company: TileStars 

Price: $800

This unusual tile was a little more complex to install than the homeowner bargained for. The contractor recommended foregoing grout, and the result is dramatic and modern.

Groutless backsplash

Company: Euro Ceramic Tile Distributors Ltd.

Price: $2,000

This beautiful, slightly iridescent tile definitely makes an elegant statement in this kitchen.

Iridescent backsplash

Company: TileStars

Price: $500

The addition of classic, white subway tile is the perfect addition to this farmhouse style kitchen.

Classic subway tile backsplash

Company: A & Wes Tile

Price: $2,000

This stunning mother of pearl backsplash is now the highlight of this kitchen.

Mother of Pearl backsplash

Company: Bosko Tile

Price: $600

This Toronto condo owner needed a backsplash that matched their sophisticated, urban style.

condo kitchen backsplash

Company: Kasa Bella 

Price: $850

A well-chosen glass backsplash delivers a waft of delicate blue, adding a lovely, feminine feel to this kitchen.

Blue glass backsplash

Company: Home Smart Renovations

Price: $600

A subtle yet graphic tile adds elegant visual interest to this compact kitchen.

Screenshot 2017-01-16 11.35.25


Posted by Leslie Andrachuk