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Tom is the Director, Business Intelligence & Content at HomeStars. He is in charge of understanding the vast amount of data that Homestars collects. Tom spend most of the day drinking tea and looking at graphs.

The Mechanics Behind HomeStars’ New Scoring System

Last week we introduced HomeStars’ new Scoring System, the goal of which is to help homeowners make better hiring decisions. Since we made the announcement, we’ve received a number of enquiries regarding the mechanics behind the scores. Here’s a detailed overview of how our Scoring System works: It all starts...

/ September 23, 2016
Selecting the right contractor illustration

The 411 On HomeStars’ New Scoring System

‘NO BULLIES NO CHEATS’, the CEO & Founder of HomeStars wrote emphatically. She had gathered a ‘trust task force’ following the surfacing of a story regarding an Ontario builder who’d ran himself into massive debt, filed for bankruptcy and kept the deposits of a number of stranded homeowners. The team was devastated as...

/ September 12, 2016