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Photo of work done by B&B Masonry

Fake reviews – should we out these companies?

I have come out of my cave and will start getting more active on this forum. I’m not one to write on a blog – but I do answer our contact us as I really enjoy the 1-1 dialogue with people. I have to get with program though and jump...

/ January 20, 2008
Photo taken from Delco Renovations Homestars page

Useful Websites for Home Renovation

Renovation Research Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – For Consumers An indispensable resource for your home needs whether purchasing or renovating. It contains advice on improving energy efficiency, financing your renovation, and hiring your contractor. Canadian Home Builders Association Provides information on factors to consider when designing the kitchen. Fantastic...

/ October 12, 2007

Yes You Can Find a Great Contractor On The Web

So our users tell us, and why we are so committed to making HomeStars a trusted forum to read and write our experiences. I was reading Mike Holmes’ article in the Globe this weekend about how so many directory sites are a joke. He didn’t name anyone but gave an...

/ April 17, 2007

The .com is now ours!

The law of the internet jungle… when you launch a web based business GET THE .COM first! After being live for 16 months, we now own ours. I chose HomeStars as the name of the company as it was simple, and somewhat descriptive about what we are all about. It...

/ April 6, 2007

HomeStars Blog is Rolling

Hi all, I’m Andrew Goodman, one of the early team members of HomeStars, a website founded by Nancy Peterson to help homeowners sift through the good, the bad, and the ugly of home improvement contractors and retailers. There are already thousands of reviews on the site, and more are being...

/ November 3, 2006