When I bought my condo a year ago, I had neither the funds nor the time to replace the worn carpets that were covering both bedroom floors. What I didn’t realize is that I would soon become so grossed out by the 10 year old carpets that had served two families previous to mine, that I cringed inside whenever stepping into either of my bedrooms. The carpets were stained, buckling and had also been snagged in numerous places by various pets. They had to go.

Leslie old carpet7

The nasty old carpet

Furthermore, I wasn’t very fond of the cherry-hued laminate flooring, so I decided to get a quote on replacing both old carpets and laminate with new, engineered hardwood.

My dream was to lay grey/white hardwood in a herringbone pattern. I love the timeless look of herringbone (I’ve always dreamed of owning a Parisian flat) and the fresh quality of a light white/grey floor.

After reaching out to a number of contractors on HomeStars, I got a couple of quotes for my dream hardwood flooring, both of which ranged from 10K to 15K. This was wayyyy too rich for my blood, so I decided to re-think my whole approach.

I pondered the situation for a little and came to the realization that my deep hatred of the carpets was driving this decision, so replacing the old, worn carpets was the way to go. I could live with the cherry-hued laminate.

I sent through another job request on HomeStars, and after interviewing a number of companies, ended up hiring a 9 time Best of HomeStars Award winner, Victorious Carpet Installation and Repair Services. Their Star Score of 98%, coupled with consistently excellent reviews (and they have 460 reviews for homeowner perusal) assured me that I was hiring amongst the best and most trustworthy.

Since I live in a condo, the job included a few more complexities that single family homes do not have to deal with. For example, the transporting up to the condo, installation and hauling away of garbage (meaning the old carpet) had to be done within the 3-hour elevator window. Furniture had to be moved around dynamically as they worked on each room. Proper under pad had to be laid in order to minimize noise transmission. The company I hired had to provide a WSIB (workplace safety) account number to ensure they are insured.

And, most importantly for me, the company I hired had to provide me with a great carpet selection, installation expertise, and the ability to help me get the job done quickly and easily all the while adhering to the rules of my condominium.

Carpet underpadding

Carpet underpadding

After an email exchange whereby I communicated to Mark Aydin of Victorious what it was I was looking for, he showed up at my place at the appointed hour with samples in tow. After consulting with Mark, I decided upon the carpet, carpet colour and under-padding. I wanted the most luxurious carpet and best under-padding I could buy so I could achieve the lawyers office plush feeling I was going for.

Mark suggested I go with  an upgraded underpad for maximum comfort and carpet longevity. I took the top of the line 3M 10mm 8lb Gold 7/16″ underpad. It’s breathable, moisture, mold, mildew and has antimicrobial protection. It is carpet shampooing and steam cleaning safe and has a teflon stain protection barrier. This underpad insulates from sound, heat and dust which is important in a condo. It’s made from high-performance athletic soft shoe scrap material and is 100% recyclable.

For my master bedroom carpet I also decided to go top of the line (I deserve it) and ordered the 50oz Silky 11 Collection in Eggnog. It has a lifetime pilling, soil, stain and pet resistance with a 10 year quality assurance, texture retention and abrasive wear warranty.

Mark’s two technicians came in at the appointed hour. They moved my furniture out in order to rip up and install the old carpet. They then moved my furniture back in, and the job was done.

My new carpet

My new carpet

My new carpet is beautiful. I smile every time I walk on it. I couldn’t be happier with my choices.


Posted by Leslie Andrachuk