On the weekend, Jay Purvis hosted Renovations Dos and Dont’s, a panel for you to pick up some great tips from the pros and get advice on your next home improvement project. The crowd at the event took advantage of the opportunity to get specialized advice from our three panelists as they each offered up their expertise and answered many audience questions. If you missed the event, make sure to read up on a few of the tips they had to offer and check out the photos.

Rob Birnie from Birnie Thos R & Sons LTD. says that you don’t have to ruin your landscaping if you ever have a sewer or plumbing problem. Birnie & Sons has a “no dig” system to save your yard and money. They also recommend using ‘Bio One’, a environmentally friendly product that eats organic matter in your plumbing (great for kitchens!). Contact them for how to get your hands on a bottle.

Darren Perry from North Shore Eavestroughing recommends to go out on a rainy day (like is was on the weekend) to see what kinds of troubles your eaves may have. Look water that isn’t running where it should be, clogged or falling eaves. Sometimes these problems can go unnoticed and create larger, and more expensive, issues later on.

Gus Zubrickas from Beverley Hills Home Improvement says that they do installations all year round, so don’t delay any changes because of the time of year. They have a tried and true method of replacing windows and doors in the middle of January that will be quick and minimize any heat loss.

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