As much as we all do not want to admit it, winter is coming. With the leaves falling off the trees, we are seeing the last of the fall colours before they disappear for good. Not to worry though, houseplants can provide the same amount of colour for the cold season ahead.

Interested in adding a few indoor plants to your home but do not have the green thumb? We have come up with a handful of houseplants that are remarkably easy to care for as a way to get you started.


You have probably heard of this plant because of its healing qualities that are commonly seen in gels and creams, but you probably didn’t know how cute it is. This houseplant has long pointed leaves that make a statement, perfect for home decor. Because it is a succulent, it does well in dry conditions, making it super low maintenance as you do not need to worry about watering it all of the time. The only thing that it requires is a lot of indirect sunlight and an indoor climate of about 70 degrees.

aloe Bakker Hillegom.jpg

Photo courtesy of Bakker Hillegom


This plant isn’t just known for being incredibly low maintenance, it is also known for its amazing air-purifying quality. The pothos has the ability to absorb dangerous toxins out of the air and out of fabrics (such as carpets), eliminating them from your home.

This houseplant does not ask for much. It thrives in any environment, sunny or dark, humid or dry, moist or dry soil. It really is the perfect beginner’s plant.

pothos jen bosen.jpg

Photo courtesy of Jen Bosen

Rubber Tree

This ideal houseplant may start off small, but it can grow up to 8 feet tall. The waxy look of the leaves gives the room a shine when the sun is reflected off of them. Caring for them is easy. Be sure not to water unless the top of the soil is dry, and place where there is medium-bright light. If you can ensure these two things, your rubber tree will last you for years and years.

rubber tree balcony garaden web.jpg

Photo courtesy of Balcony Garden Web

Snake Plant

Also known as the Mother-in-Laws Tongue, this houseplant is one of the easiest to take care of. The green, white, and sometimes yellow leaves grow vertically and give off a modern feel. The snake plant isn’t picky at all, it does well with any type of light and air, and prefers dry soil.

snake plant good housekeping.jpg

Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Most definitely the prettiest out of the bunch, the orchid is quite forgiving. It requires low light, humid climate, and dry soil, so don’t worry about neglecting it while away on vacation. You don’t have to give it a whole lot of care, but it still manages to be the centre of attention in any room.

orchid HGTV.jpeg

Photo courtesy of HGTV


Wanting to add a little bit of greenery to your space, but not looking for a huge commitment? Then the dracaena is your kind of plant. It does best in warmer temperatures and with plenty of light, so placing it by a window is the best idea.

dracaena madagascar dragon tree.jpg

Photo courtesy of Madagascar Dragon Tree

What are your experience with low maintenance houseplants? Are there any others that you would add to the list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Posted by Connor Cherrie