Today HomeStars passed the 30,000 review mark with a review from Kristin in East York on Maple Leaf Electric.

That’s a lot of helpful information for Homeowners!

HomeStars reviews on contractors are not like reviews on other sites. They are full of good content because we require them to be 30 words or more, and have good information about the project and the job and the company on the site. We’ve had over 37,000 reviews submitted by users, but if they don’t follow the guidelines which help homeowners, they don’t get posted.  Most of the reviews are well beyond 30 words and have in depth information on how the projects went, as well as advice for other homeowners on how to make the next project smoother.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making this site the place to go for free consumer reviews on Home Improvement companies!

And thanks again to Kristin who will be getting a HomeStars coffee mug and Tshirt!

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