Month: October 2017

movember sink maintenance

Maintaining A Tidy Bathroom Sink This Movember

Last year, 325,000 Canadians raised $15.5 Million for Movember, an annual initiative where men grow moustaches and collect donations to raise awareness of and support men’s health issues. While this may be a great cause, it does come with an unfortunate side effect: hundreds of thousands of messy or clogged...

/ October 31, 2017
homestars verified

Introducing HomeStars Verified

Over the past 11 years, we’ve made a lot of changes at HomeStars. From our early days as a community forum all the way to introducing Star Score last year, every change that we’ve made has originated from our core mission: to help homeowners hire the most trustworthy service professionals....

/ October 30, 2017

6 Small Decorating Changes That Make A Big Impact At Home

 Is your home in major need of an update, but your budget is saying otherwise? Look past the temptation of doing a costly full home renovation, and instead make little updates that can truly go a long way. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Change Your Doorknobs...

/ October 26, 2017

Spooktacular Halloween Porch Decorations

Designing a frightful and delightful Halloween porch doesn’t have to take an eternity; in fact, it can be assembled in a couple of hours if you’re willing to get to work. Here are 3 easy ways to pull together your Halloween porch decorations depending how much time and effort you...

/ October 25, 2017
maintaining a clean playroom

Maintaining A “Give Them Room to Play” Playroom

Traditionally, when children are involved with household chores the desired outcome is hard to reach.  However, a playroom set up with easy systems can be kept reasonably organized or at the very least, cleaned in a hurry when guests visit. One important thing to remember when it comes to toys...

/ October 24, 2017

7 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections

Purchasing a house is the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, so it is important that you are fully aware of what you are putting your life savings into. Hiring a home inspector is a key part of the home buying process and can sometimes even be mandatory...

/ October 19, 2017

How To Deep Clean Your Fridge

The general cleanliness of your fridge can be up kept with the wipe of a damp cloth weekly. At least twice a year it’s a good idea to give it a major cleaning — a complete refrigerator refresh. Set aside some time, gather your cleaning supplies, grab yourself a cooler...

/ October 18, 2017

10 Easiest Home Automations To Save Energy

Imagine being able to control and monitor your lights, heating and air conditioning, and even your appliances, without even being in your home. Sounds futuristic, but home automation – technologies that can automatically or remotely control your home’s systems through your mobile devices, laptops, or tablets – is a growing...

/ October 17, 2017
bedroom furniture upgrade ideas

8 Amazing Master Bedroom Furniture Upgrade Ideas

The only momentary break we get from this busy world is when we close our eyes and drift off to sleep. But not everyone’s sleeping experience is a beautiful tale. One major cause of this can be the odd styles we sometimes put in our bedrooms. It is an absolute...

/ October 12, 2017

6 Functional Ways To Repurpose Your Spare Bedroom

Empty nesters rejoice! With those kids now off at college you now have a new spare bedroom that you may now wonder, what do I with this new found space? Having a spare bedroom is quite the luxury but if not repurposed, it can quickly become a useless junk closet....

/ October 11, 2017