Month: September 2017

How Net-Zero Homes Work

With all the talk of net-zero homes going on today, one might be wondering, what exactly is this all about and is it for me? We took a look into this new real estate trend to give you the answers to all of your questions. What is a net-zero home?...

/ September 28, 2017

Reno Tips for New Homeowners

You bought a fixer-upper thinking it would be easy to flip it into your dream home. Having seen more than your fair share of DIY and home renovation shows you thought, “How hard could it really be?” Now that the new home buzz is wearing off and you’re actually living in...

/ September 27, 2017
how often to water plants

How Often Should You Water Your Plants?

Is your green thumb failing you when it comes to houseplants? It’s probably the water! Here’s a master list of how often you should water the most common houseplants to get you started. Peace Lily Water: Once a week As its name suggests, this plant is low maintenance, pretty and actually...

/ September 26, 2017

Easy Decor Changes To Elevate Your Home

Have you ever looked at the cover a home design magazine and thought, “I wish my home could look like that”? If you clicked on this post, we’re guessing this thought has crossed your mind at least once or twice. While we all can’t afford to have a magazine worthy...

/ September 21, 2017

7 Ways To Better Coexist With Your Basement Tenant

With real estate prices at an all time high, it is becoming more and more common for homeowners to rent out the basement in order to help pay their mortgages. Despite the financial benefit to this, the tenant-landlord relationship is notorious for being a complicated one, leaving many potential landlords...

/ September 20, 2017
paint wall tips

Smart Tips For Painting Your Walls

As a blogger with a passion for interior design, I don’t just write about home improvement, I live it. My husband and I are enthusiastic DIY types who have renovated and made improvements to more than a dozen homes — which adds up to hundreds of walls which required interior...

/ September 19, 2017
Herb Garden in The Kitchen

Planning The Perfect Kitchen Herb Garden

As the days are growing shorter and the weather is starting to cool down, gardening season is coming to a close…or so you thought. Planting an indoor herb garden in the kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy fresh herbs all winter long, while also brightening up your dark home...

/ September 14, 2017

5 Ways To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Moving into a new place is all at once exciting and overwhelming. Once the final box has been moved in, it’s time to turn your attention to making your new place feel like yours while living in a sea of boxes. While we can’t help you unpack all those boxes,...

/ September 13, 2017
house cleaning company

How To Get The Most Out Of Your House Cleaning Company

Everyone wants a clean, comfortable living space, but there are better ways to spend your spare time than dusting and mopping. It’s no wonder so many people hire a house cleaning company to handle their dirty work! Between managing work, family time, and maintaining a social life, housework is bound...

/ September 12, 2017
home maintenance checklist

End Of Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the days are getting shorter. Lots of you are packing up all your warm items and storing them in a cool and dry place until next year. The heat of this season can take a toll on your home, both on the...

/ September 7, 2017