Summer is just around the corner, which means school will be out before we know it. All kids long await summer break, but for parents it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to occupy them. This can be a great time to get your kids involved with home improvement projects, teaching them important skills and responsibility, while also making long-lasting memories. Here are a few kid-friendly projects to conquer this summer!



Painting can be a relatively simple and affordable way to spruce up any space, inside or out. If your kids are begging to change the colour of their bedroom, or the backyard fence is looking a little bland and boring, get the whole family involved and so something about it. Choose a colour, pick out a non-toxic paint, and get going!

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Making Green Cleaners

This can be a fun little DIY project with kids who are interested in science experiments. There are so many easy recipes for safe, kid-friendly, green cleaners all over the internet, so go ahead and get started. Who knows, maybe this might even inspire them to help you clean?

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Gardening can be fun a fun activity for kids, especially if they like to get dirty! Create a garden, planting various vegetables and fruit seeds. It can be extremely exciting for kids to see a seed slowly grow and mature over time into something they can eat and enjoy. By taking care of a garden, they learn a sense of responsibility, and can appreciate the natural life cycle. For more information on how to successfully grow a vegetable garden click here.

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Repurpose Old Furniture Pieces

Teaching kids to reuse and recycle is an important life lesson that can go very far. There are so many cool and creative ways to repurpose tired pieces and turn them into your dream decor. Some interesting examples are turning an old door into a table or headboard, or turning window shutters into an indoor bulletin board. Whatever it may be, you can guarantee you will have a unique piece that holds special memories.

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Personalize the Mailbox

Kids have a creative side, and love to colour and draw on just about anything. By allowing them to decorate the mailbox, they will have something to be proud of and something to show off to everyone who comes over to the house. Something otherwise irrelevant to them like a mailbox, can turn into something special and sentimental.

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Try out some of these family-friend home improvement projects, take a picture, and share it with us on social media! Can you think of any others that we forgot?

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Connor Cherrie is a content writer for the HomeStars Blog.