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Fireplace and accent wall by SKY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd

HomeStars Photo of the Day

Does this not look like the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold winter day like today? This fireplace is the perfect addition to this homeowner’s basement, adding a sense of comfort and tranquillity to this cozy space. As always, great work by SKY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd! See more photos of...

/ March 19, 2017
Atlas Care Air Conditioning technician

Air Conditioning Basics with Atlas Care

HomeStars sat down with Michael Grochmal, President of Atlas Care Heating And Cooling to ask a few questions about the best options for home air conditioning. What are the different types of air conditioning systems?   The most common types of air conditioning systems include: Ductless High velocity/SpacePak Conventional or...

/ April 15, 2016
Pool by Solda Pools

Tips on Winterizing Your Pool

With the beginning of fall comes the crisp weather, comfort food and beautiful colours. It also brings on a lot of unwelcome chores. One of the necessary tasks of fall home maintenance is winterizing your pool. While having it done professionally certainly has it merits, homeowners can successfully do it...

/ October 27, 2010
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.40.37 PM

Shovel Your Walk? – Finding a Good Snow Removal Company Is Tough!

Finding a good snow removal company can be tough. Reading the reviews for many of these companies there seems to be a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver.

/ December 14, 2009
Photo of work done by B&B Masonry

The Need For And Care of Humidifiers

By: Graham Clark, VP Engineering, Carson Dunlop Newsflash: winter is cold and dry. Of course our noses, skin, and static zaps on doorknobs remind us of that all winter long. Generally the house doesn’t mind a little dryness. Humans and other animals need humidity in order to feel comfortable. Humidifiers...

/ December 16, 2008
Single detached stylish house on a sunny winter day

Winter Window Woes

Winter Window Woes By  Graham Clarke, VP Engineering, Carson Dunlop. Did you know that extreme winter cold can place undue stress on your house? Consider your windows. A graphic example of the effects of extreme cold can be seen on the old single-glazed, metal-framed windows in many older homes. Over...

/ November 20, 2008
Small living room with bright shots of colour. Photo via Freshome.com

A Winter Tune-up Treatise

One of the great joys of living in Canada is the change of seasons. Autumn's colors and crispness will soon be making way for winter's exciting first snowfall. Of course, one of the great burdens of living in Canada is the extreme conditions we ask ourselves and our houses to...

/ October 28, 2008