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Fireplace and accent wall by SKY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd

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Does this not look like the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold winter day like today? This fireplace is the perfect addition to this homeowner’s basement, adding a sense of comfort and tranquillity to this cozy space. As always, great work by SKY Kitchen Cabinets Ltd! See more photos of...

/ March 19, 2017
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Basement Waterproofing to Protect Your Home

Effective basement waterproofing is essential for the health of your home and your family. Without it, rainwater and/or sewage can wreak havoc in two very different ways: 1) A flood is an emergency that must be fixed ASAP as it can cause immediate property damage to fixtures and furniture, or...

/ February 20, 2017

HomeStars Photo of the Day

Take a look at this lovely basement renovation by Robinson Renovations. The homeowners say, “This was our first major renovation with a contractor and it could not have gone better… The end result was a finished space that we love and will enjoy for years to come.” This looks like the perfect...

/ February 19, 2017

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Take a look at this fantastic and fun playhouse built by Contracting By Us! The company completely redid this homeowner’s basement with the focus being on this play area for their kids. What kid wouldn’t love having a slide in their home? See the full basement renovation by clicking here....

/ December 22, 2016
Basement renovation done by finishedbasements.ca

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This cozy basement renovation by finishedbasement.ca is enough to get me in the Christmas spirit! Is it too early to start counting down? Only 63 days left!                         Every day HomeStars receives hundreds of reviews, many of which are...

/ October 21, 2016
Basement renovation done by Robinson Renovations

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This bright and airy basement renovated by Robinson Renovations is the perfect secondary living space for this lucky homeowner.                       Every day HomeStars receives hundreds of reviews, many of which are accompanied by great photos. Our editors are so inspired by...

/ October 4, 2016
Basement renovation completed by Marvel Contracting and Renovations Inc

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This newly renovated basement by Marvel Contracting and Renovation Inc. features this area perfect for a kid cave. We love the use of space and mini circus tent!                           Every day HomeStars receives hundreds of reviews, many of which...

/ August 31, 2016
Finished basement renovation done by Basement Builders

What Kind of Budget Do You Need For Your Basement Renovation?

Basements can be an easy aspect of the home to ignore, but why not turn your dark and musty, unfinished basement into extra livable space? According to Better Home and Garden, the average return on investment of basement projects is about 75%. Below are 7 different price points of basement...

/ June 23, 2016
Complete basement renovation from Lyons Construction Inc.

HomeStars U – Basement Renovations 101 (Video)

Creating a fully renovated, finished basement is a large undertaking and should be planned 6 months in advance of starting any work. There are many things to consider, from drawing up the blueprints, to obtaining permits, to the waterproofing, electrical, plumbing etc. Fortunately, Lowell Lyons, from Lyons Construction is here...

/ April 25, 2016

Average Basement Renovation Prices Across Canada

Owning a home in Canada often means owning a basement. The common Canadian basement serves many purposes. It’s often where the mighty furnace lives and where the washing machine and dryer perform their magic. Many of us have fond memories of a “rec room” where where we played unchaparoned, and took our first steps towards independence. Sometimes the...

/ April 4, 2016