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When buying your first place, keep in mind these Do's and Don’ts

So you’re ready to spread your wings and fly – into the nest of homeownership? It’s an exciting step and since it may be the biggest purchase of your life, it is also normal to feel some nerves. In fact, there’s a lot to know as the new kid on...

/ October 28, 2015

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a list of things you should do this fall to prepare your home for winter:  Must-dos: Furnace servicing: change filter, humidifier panel Shut off outside taps Drain garden hoses Clean eavestroughs/gutters and downspouts to avoid flooding Check flashing along eavestroughs and the roof to ensure water cannot seep through...

/ October 9, 2015

Average Window Installation Cost

The following data is based on pricing info homeowners provided when contributing reviews on HomeStars.

/ July 23, 2015

Types of Air Conditioners

Summer weather has arrived! If you’re feeling the heat and want to get air conditioning for your home, here’s a quick guide on the different options on the market and their price, based on costs reported by homeowners.  1) Central Air How it works: It uses your home’s ducts and...

/ June 22, 2015
Technician checking furnace filter

How to Optimize the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioning System

Optimize your AC’s Efficiency Simply put, air conditioners take heat out of your house, in much the same way that refrigerators do. To optimize their efficiency, try to prevent heat from getting inside the house in the first place with the following steps: Your roof gets most of the direct...

/ May 4, 2015

Insulation 101

Insulation affects your energy bills and comfort levels year-round. Alex Schuts from Insta-Insulation has provided the basics every homeowner should know when it comes to insulating their home. 4 Signs your house lacks insulation: You aren’t comfortable in your home – it’s either too hot or cold. Your energy bills are...

/ March 18, 2015

Best of 2014 Winners

We have travelled across Canada to award the country’s best home improvement companies. Tonight we are wrapping up awards season in Toronto. This is our seventh year awarding contractors who have done outstanding work, based on homeowner reviews. Check out the winners in your region! Toronto’s Best of 2014 award...

/ February 2, 2015

The One of a Kind Show 2014 – Want to Go?

If you’ve got a long list of people to buy gifts for this December but aren’t in the mood for the mall or online shopping, the One of a Kind Show is for you! It’s the largest consumer craft show in North America, featuring the works of over 800 exhibitors....

/ November 27, 2014

Tuckpointing 101

Tuckpointing is a trade many people are unfamiliar with until they need it done on their house. It involves repairing the worn out mortar between the bricks of your house and it is the restoration aspect of the masonry trade. Not every masonry company is specialized in tuckpointing, so you...

/ October 29, 2014

Mod Lighting: Making sure the electrical work in your home is safe and beautiful

Some homes need electric work so badly that they may not even be eligible for insurance coverage. Brian Wilson from Captain Electric provides tips on upgrades that will keep your home and family safe. Brian Wilson of Captain Electric: 1. Permits An ESA Permit is required for all new wiring...

/ September 30, 2013