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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Mooza Wood Arts

Kitchen Trend 2010 & Predictions for 2011

Awhile back I started sorting through reviews on kitchens to find our favorite kitchens of 2010. While looking through reviews and photos (one of the best parts of this job is checking out some of the gorgeous renovation pictures homeowners add to their reviews) I was surprised by how similar...

/ November 4, 2010

HomeStars Hits PROFIT Magazine’s HOT 50 list of Emerging Canadian Companies

I’m so excited that made it on the PROFIT HOT 50 list of emerging Canadian growth companies. The committee reviews firms started in 2006 and 2007 and ranks them by their two-year revenue growth. HomeStars reached #25 among the top 50. I’ll be attending the award ceremony tomorrow night...

/ September 19, 2010

Moldy Basement? Concrobium eliminates mold safely and easily, without bleach

Concrobium has been approved by Health Canada as a safe, non-toxic substance with no emissions of volatile organic compounds. It has also been registered with Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

/ November 18, 2009

Eco-Friendly Countertops Available Near You.

A list of some available green countertops and where to find them in Toronto.

/ June 24, 2009
Finished basement by Remodel Construction Company

A Cautionary Story for Home Owners: Preventative Steps for Storm and Rainwater Management

It is now essential that owners familiarize themselves with the basic issues and some of the science of rainwater control, at least within the bounds of one's own property. It may not be as exciting as undertaking a new renovation, but poorly designed drainage control systems can eventually cause serious...

/ June 9, 2009

The National Home Show is coming up

If you live in Toronto, it’s a busy time for home shows this month. The Interior Design Show opens this Friday February 6 until Sunday at the Direct Energy Centre. It looks like they have some interesting exhibitors. I always find really unique home decor pieces and gorgeous displays. But this...

/ February 4, 2009

The things you learn when your house breaks down…

When I moved into our newly constructed house there was a naive side of me that expected everything to work perfectly for at least the first five years. In hindsight, it seems to me that the best house to move into is a four to six year old home, after all the kinks have been...

/ January 20, 2009

A skylight in a condo? It will cure your blues too!

Sceptics aside,  Cliff Arnall’s theory of the third Monday in January being the most depressing day of the year seems to me to hit the mark. What with holiday let down, credit card bills and a severe lack of daylight for those of us in northern climes,  January can be a pretty...

/ January 13, 2009

The Latest in Counter Tops

In our first house we installed a very practical, reasonably priced laminate countertop. I was happy with it because it because I liked the cobalt blue colour and its durability. It turns out though, that it’s not as scratch resistant as I would have liked…we found out the hard way...

/ June 20, 2008