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HomeStars Welcomes Vancouver Habitat Restores

In June we offered a promotion to the folks at Habitat for Humanity Toronto to upgrade their Restore Listings to premium because of the great work they do.

/ July 14, 2009

National Home Show Exhibits Part 2.

I spent Tuesday at the National Home Show (where you can write a review and get $7 off your ticket) speaking with many of the different exhibitors about why their products stand out from others at the show. I spoke with hot tub exhibitors, patio furniture and awning suppliers, solar...

/ February 26, 2009

Insulating paint — an alternative to traditional insulation

Our previous house was constructed in the standard manner for the 1950s:  double brick walls with no insulation between the two brick layers. In the winter the exterior walls felt like the inside of a refrigerator. One insulation company told me that while a blow-in foam insulation could be inserted, it would...

/ January 27, 2009

The Home of the Future – Business Week covers the HomeBuilders Show

Business Week has a good article this week about the trends in homebuilding. Based on some of what is going to happen this year at the biggest show in the industry, the International Builders Show.

/ January 12, 2009