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unfinished cedar shows natural weathering

Deck Repair vs. Deck Replacement

A beautiful hardwood deck helps you enjoy outdoor living, mere steps outside your back door. And in the evening, it connects the warm comfort inside your home to the cool serenity of your backyard. Eventually, deck repair will be required, from cosmetic to structural. Fortunately, most deck problems are not structural...

/ May 11, 2016
Flooded homes

Protecting your home against extreme weather

It seems that Canadians are experiencing more and more extreme weather right across the country. Certain weather events such as the frightening fire in Fort McMurray are so overwhelming that few homeowners would realistically be able to do much to protect their homes, but there are many things you can do to mitigate the impact...

/ May 5, 2016
Atlas Care Air Conditioning technician

Air Conditioning Basics with Atlas Care

HomeStars sat down with Michael Grochmal, President of Atlas Care Heating And Cooling to ask a few questions about the best options for home air conditioning. What are the different types of air conditioning systems?   The most common types of air conditioning systems include: Ductless High velocity/SpacePak Conventional or...

/ April 15, 2016
Permits illustration

Home Renovation Survival Guide – The Permit

Renovating your home often requires a permit, but where to begin? Here are the five W’s (actually six) you should ask yourself before your reno begins. 1. Why get a permit? As more Canadians renovate their homes, many are forgetting the building permit, and are breaking the law in the process. More importantly, personal...

/ April 11, 2016

HomeStars announces Giving Back Award winners

HomeStars created the Giving Back Awards to recognize companies that have done significant charitable work in their community in 2015. We received over 200 entries and selected the 78 most deserving companies listed below, who went ‘above and beyond’ in giving back to their communities. The winning companies listed below...

/ February 16, 2016
Security camera

GBA Winner: New Age Security Alarms and Video Surveillance

HomeStars would like to congratulate New Age Security Alarms and Video Surveillance for winning a Giving Back Award.  In the words of Vanessa Lachman, “All churches & Non-Profit Organizations are graciously given a 10% discount. Participated in a ‘Pay it Forward’ campaign for donations and non-perishable food items to the...

/ February 16, 2016

GBA Winner: Haystack Home Inspections

HomeStars created the Giving Back Awards (GBA) to recognize companies that have done significant charitable work in their community in 2015.  HomeStars would like to congratulate Haystack Home Inspections for winning a Giving Back Award.  In the words of owner Chris Thompson, “We donate 25% of every inspection fee in...

/ February 16, 2016

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Here’s a list of things you should do this fall to prepare your home for winter:  Must-dos: Furnace servicing: change filter, humidifier panel Shut off outside taps Drain garden hoses Clean eavestroughs/gutters and downspouts to avoid flooding Check flashing along eavestroughs and the roof to ensure water cannot seep through...

/ October 9, 2015

Why hiring a gardener for fall is even more valuable than the spring

The spring tradition of gardening is linked to a time when it was more common for people to plant annuals in their flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. Perennials benefit greatly from being planted in the fall and even though today they are now commonplace in most gardens, the tradition of spring...

/ September 3, 2015

Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Forget long-stem roses and chocolates! Get your Valentine something they’ll appreciate year-round. Here are some truly thoughtful and creative gift ideas for your sweetheart! 1. Handyman Services: Kill the honey-do list. 2. Junk Removal: What’s more romantic then giving up something for the one you love? 3. Closet Organization: Take...

/ February 13, 2015