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After kitchen renovation by Level One Construction

Is Adding the 475th Review on a Company Helpful?

We’ve been pondering the question as to how many 10 star reviews will it take to make you feel comfortable hiring a contractor. Does it matter to you if one company has 20 reviews and another has 43? What about 474 reviews? According to a recent article written by the...

/ March 30, 2009
After the Landscaping Renovation by Distinctive Designs.

Tax Credits incenting you to do a renovation? Check the contractor is licensed and a not fly-by-night outfit!

There will be lots of unemployed people jumping into the contractor business over the next 12 months in Canada, trying to make a quick buck as homeowners take advantage of the new renovation tax credit – see more about the tax credit on our last post. But be very careful...

/ January 28, 2009

Renovation Pays – literally. Government will be helping out.

It's time to renovate your house, and Mr Harper is going to help out with a little tax credit to make it a little cheaper and easier.

/ January 28, 2009

Insulating paint — an alternative to traditional insulation

Our previous house was constructed in the standard manner for the 1950s:  double brick walls with no insulation between the two brick layers. In the winter the exterior walls felt like the inside of a refrigerator. One insulation company told me that while a blow-in foam insulation could be inserted, it would...

/ January 27, 2009

The things you learn when your house breaks down…

When I moved into our newly constructed house there was a naive side of me that expected everything to work perfectly for at least the first five years. In hindsight, it seems to me that the best house to move into is a four to six year old home, after all the kinks have been...

/ January 20, 2009
A before shot of the basement renovation by The Home Improvement People

What To Do With a Flooded Basement.

If your basement floods: Sometimes a flooded basement is unavoidable. Below are some points from the city of Toronto’s document on what to do in case your basement floods. Call the city to make sure it’s not a city tree root issue or a blocked sewer line as this will...

/ April 3, 2008
Finished basement by Remodel Construction Company

Basement Flooding and The City’s Responsibility.

It’s “April showers” time! Just what we need after a record breaking snow filled winter… more water! Sure we’ll get those flowers in May, but we may also be stuck with the not so pleasant flooded basement before that happens. The city provides information on how to avoid flooding in...

/ April 1, 2008

Contractor a no-show?

I received a call from Stanley Funes at the City of Toronto Licensing Department the other day. He’d come across our site and told me it was great and long overdue (hey, we think so too!). It turns out, there is a complaints department at the city for delinquent contractors...

/ February 7, 2008