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Homemade Household Cleaning Products

A number of years ago, I learned that common chemicals in household items such as air fresheners, most detergents, most cleaning products, pest sprays, and outdoor fertilizers and weed killers caused some health problems for a family member. The Household Products Database from the National Institutes of Health can tell...

/ April 10, 2008
Photo taken from Home Decor Staging and Interior Designs Homestars profile

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Part 1

Home Energy Efficiency: According to meteorologists, this winter was supposed to be the coldest in 15 years. While December was certainly the snowiest I’ve seen in awhile, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s been bitterly cold out there (okay, so as I’m writing this it’s -10 and with the windchill it’s...

/ January 22, 2008