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Finished basement by Domilya Group

Finally! A One-Stop Shop For All Your Green Building Materials Needs!

If you’re a green building fan like me, you’ve probably looked on enviously at Ottawa’s and Vancouver’s green building stores wondering why we here in Toronto don’t have the same thing. (Ottawa has “The Healthiest Home” and Vancouver has “Greenworks Building Supply“). But surprisingly nothing like those stores existed in...

/ November 18, 2008
Kitchen renovation by Klondike Contracting

Smart Home Automation Systems Promote Energy Efficiency

If you’ve ever dreamt of a smart home where your security, HVAC, audio and video systems were controllable at the touch of a button, Brack Electronics is one of the companies that does this work. Now, however, they’ve taken their system integration knowledge a step further and have made it...

/ October 9, 2008
Kitchen and dining room area by Fresh Home Innovations

Energy Efficiency Products For Your Home Brought To You by Village Energy

At the Fall Home Show I met Jup Bhasin from Village Energy. Village Energy has all kinds of products that will help your home become more energy efficient — just in time for your winter heating bills. I thought I knew quite a bit about curbing energy bills, but after...

/ October 7, 2008
Outdoor Kitchen by Dehaas Landscape Design

Favourite Home Blogs For Inspiration

Well, I took the summer “off.” It’s all relative of course; “off” in this case means that I spent most of my time playing “Julie McCoy” for my kids (you know, the cruise director from The Love Boat?) Getting five minutes to myself to write an article wasn’t even on...

/ September 2, 2008

Housing Trends: Small (and Green) Is In

We’re just starting to look for a home to buy after moving to metroWest from western MA, selling our home out there, and renting for a spell here. Home shopping has been fascinating. Our favorite tool is Trulia; we have a specific part of a certain town where we want...

/ June 23, 2008

Toronto Hydro’s Peaksaver Program

When the weather decides to turn hot and humid, it really decides to turn! Thursday I was wearing a jacket and jeans and thinking Environment Canada’s forecasting equipment was broken when they predicted 32 Celsius plus humidity for Friday. Sure enough they were right and we sweltered our way through...

/ June 6, 2008

Home Maintenance, Local Workshops

This is the time of year when workshops on every sort of home-maintenance related subject abound around the city. Whether you’re interested in installing solar panels on your roof, or planting an edible garden, communities and stores in and around the city host several different kinds of workshops. Here are...

/ April 24, 2008

Homemade Household Cleaning Products

A number of years ago, I learned that common chemicals in household items such as air fresheners, most detergents, most cleaning products, pest sprays, and outdoor fertilizers and weed killers caused some health problems for a family member. The Household Products Database from the National Institutes of Health can tell...

/ April 10, 2008
Photo taken from Home Decor Staging and Interior Designs Homestars profile

Improving Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Part 1

Home Energy Efficiency: According to meteorologists, this winter was supposed to be the coldest in 15 years. While December was certainly the snowiest I’ve seen in awhile, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s been bitterly cold out there (okay, so as I’m writing this it’s -10 and with the windchill it’s...

/ January 22, 2008