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Kitchen Design – Q&A with a Professional

Remodelling your kitchen provides the best return on investment of any home renovation. Why?  Because the kitchen is the focal point of your home, day-in and day-out. It’s where your family congregates two or three times every day. Upgrading your kitchen with the latest innovations will not only make meal...

/ January 30, 2017

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

It’s official – smooth is all the rage. Gone are the old popcorn ceilings (and horror of horrors – walls!!) of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, to everyone’s eternal gratitude. Originally a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s, ceiling stucco was the standard for many bedroom...

/ September 2, 2016

Prepping Your House for Sale

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision that takes time and consideration. What you might not realize is that it takes a lot more than putting up a For Sale sign to get the job done. In this day and age where image is everything, getting your house...

/ August 13, 2016
Colourful cushion and chairs in a Dining Room juxtaposed against a bright white wall. Photo via

The Art Of Small Space Living

Reducing carbon footprint and living a more ecologically friendly life has become a passion for many homeowners, particularly in dense urban environments. This often means living in small spaces such as condominiums or homes with a small footprint. With space at a premium in many cities, even a small condominium...

/ July 25, 2016
Beautiful Kitchen Renovation

HomeStars U – Kitchen Renovation 101 (Video)

Today, our Home Professionals from Bravehart Building and Oborne Contracting examine kitchen designs that have timeless style. Our experts weigh the pros and cons of different counter-top materials, discuss quantifying kitchen cupboard budgets, and fitting an island in your space.

/ April 5, 2016

HomeStars announces Giving Back Award winners

HomeStars created the Giving Back Awards to recognize companies that have done significant charitable work in their community in 2015. We received over 200 entries and selected the 78 most deserving companies listed below, who went ‘above and beyond’ in giving back to their communities. The winning companies listed below...

/ February 16, 2016

GBA Winner: Nine Clouds Beds & Mattresses

HomeStars would like to congratulate Nine Clouds Beds & Mattresses for winning a Giving Back Award.  In the words of owner Bill Laidlaw, “We donated and delivered a total retail value of $22,168 in mattress sets and bed frames to families leaving the Interim Place shelter to rejoin our community.”...

/ February 16, 2016

GBA Winner: Sarah Kidder Design

HomeStars would like to congratulate Sarah Kidder Design for winning a Giving Back Award.  In the words of owner Sarah Kidder, “Along with another decorator, I renovated and fully furnished the basement of a family whose 7 year-old son has a non-cancerous, inoperable brain tumour. It was all done through...

/ February 16, 2016

GBA Winner: Stoney Creek Furniture

HomeStars would like to congratulate Stoney Creek Furniture for winning a Giving Back Award.  In the words of owner Jim Fee, “Most recently we raised $8,900 for Hamilton Foodshare through a Designer Christmas tree auction. Throughout the year we also sponsored the back-to-school backpack program, the area hospices and sponsor...

/ February 16, 2016

GBA Winner: Dehaas Landscape Design

HomeStars would like to congratulate Dehaas Landscape Design for winning a Giving Back Award. In the words of owner Nicholas De Hass, “Our company contributed and purchased both construction materials and other goods from Habitat For Humanity. To accomplish this we made many extra trips to H4H to search for...

/ February 16, 2016