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Restoring a Heritage Grist Mill in Spencerville

While we try to help a wide variety of community groups at HomeStars, it isn’t often that we find a charity or a project that directly relates to renovations. Thus we were eager to support the Spencerville Mill Foundation in its ongoing pursuit to restore a great heritage building. The...

/ May 16, 2011

Calgary Soldiers' Memorial – A Labour of Love

On Saturday, April 9th a Memorial honouring Calgary’s fallen soldiers will be dedicated at its location near the Peace Bridge Location on 10th Street and Memorial Drive NW in Calgary, Alberta . The Dedication of Calgary Soldiers’ Memorial will occur in the presence of His Honour, Col. (Ret’d) The Honourable Donald S. Ethell,  Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. ICON...

/ April 8, 2011

Old vs. New #1: To restore or not to restore, that is the question.

We live in a culture in North America that seems to idolize new. After all, consumption is what drives our economy. If people aren’t buying new, well, that’ll probably cool those economic jets as quickly as greedy bankers on a below-prime-mortgage binge. But is newer really better? In the Old...

/ March 17, 2011

HomeStars' recap of the 2011 BC Home + Garden Show

If you didn’t get to the 2011 BC Home + Garden Show, you missed the largest home consumer show in BC. And there was indeed a lot to see. The home show gave consumers everything they could possibly need from inside out and floor to ceiling. Exhibitors included companies featuring gutters,...

/ March 7, 2011

Safety first…your Home Fireplace

There’s something extra special about a fireplace. It doesn’t matter if it’s wood-burning, gas or electric, a fireplace adds ambiance to your home especially during the winter. Whether you have already lit your first fire of the season or not, here are a few important fireplace safety tips to remember:...

/ December 29, 2010
Custom Kitchen Cabinetry by Mooza Wood Arts

Kitchen Trend 2010 & Predictions for 2011

Awhile back I started sorting through reviews on kitchens to find our favorite kitchens of 2010. While looking through reviews and photos (one of the best parts of this job is checking out some of the gorgeous renovation pictures homeowners add to their reviews) I was surprised by how similar...

/ November 4, 2010
Traditional Wooden door by Doors Galore

IIDEX and Green Building Fest Round-up

A review of a few of the items from IIDEX (the International Interior Design Show), including a review of Dufferin Concrete, Accoya Wood, MADE Design, and ReOrient.

/ September 29, 2009
Finished basement by Remodel Construction Company

A Cautionary Story for Home Owners: Preventative Steps for Storm and Rainwater Management

It is now essential that owners familiarize themselves with the basic issues and some of the science of rainwater control, at least within the bounds of one's own property. It may not be as exciting as undertaking a new renovation, but poorly designed drainage control systems can eventually cause serious...

/ June 9, 2009

Insulating paint — an alternative to traditional insulation

Our previous house was constructed in the standard manner for the 1950s:  double brick walls with no insulation between the two brick layers. In the winter the exterior walls felt like the inside of a refrigerator. One insulation company told me that while a blow-in foam insulation could be inserted, it would...

/ January 27, 2009

The things you learn when your house breaks down…

When I moved into our newly constructed house there was a naive side of me that expected everything to work perfectly for at least the first five years. In hindsight, it seems to me that the best house to move into is a four to six year old home, after all the kinks have been...

/ January 20, 2009