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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

I have mixed feelings about the onset of Fall. On the one hand, our family gets back to routine and schedules and seeing friends who’ve been away for the summer. On the other hand, the warmer weather will be nearing its end, and cooler temperatures are right around the corner....

/ September 12, 2008

Useful Websites for Spring Cleaning

I used to be a packrat, but not for the usual reasons. I don’t have a particular sentimental attachment to most items…. Okay, so I still have a few sweaters hanging around from the ’80s, but hey, I knit them myself! No, the reason I still hang on to things...

/ April 15, 2008

Homemade Household Cleaning Products

A number of years ago, I learned that common chemicals in household items such as air fresheners, most detergents, most cleaning products, pest sprays, and outdoor fertilizers and weed killers caused some health problems for a family member. The Household Products Database from the National Institutes of Health can tell...

/ April 10, 2008

“The King Is In The House”!

No, I’m not saying Elvis has entered the building. As my life as a homeowner overlaps with my role on the team building HomeStars, it’s no surprise that I’ve come to look at home renovations and upkeep services in a whole new light. My main thoughts today are: (1) In...

/ March 31, 2007