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HomeStars is excited to announce that, the new sales financing service, will be the exclusive financing sponsor for our Best Of 2010 Awards!

Companies make the Best Of list based on the ratings and reviews from the homeowners that hired them in that year. Our awards show recognizes these companies for their exemplar work and service in Toronto, Hamilton, Calgary, Vancouver and, in their inaugural year, Edmonton and Ottawa.

We’re eternally grateful for the hard work of all the contractors on the site and to the home owners that take the time to share their experiences, so we’re excited that has jumped on board to make the Best Of 2010 a really memorable experience!

Home owners: Why use Financing?

If you are like most Canadians, you don’t have the cash for most home renovation projects just lying around. We usually pay for home renovations by using credit – either credit cards or a line of credit from the bank. But in 2011, home improvement companies will now be able to offer you the ability to finance your projects right at the point of purchase, with no banks involved, thanks to Remember to ask before paying for your next project–because of the lower interest rates they offer, you’ll save a lot of money over using your credit card.

Companies: Increase Sales with, from CommunityLend Inc., is a new tool for Canadian home improvement companies to provide sales financing to their customers.

“Canadians want a finance option for their home improvement purchases,” explained Michael Garrity CEO, CommunityLend. “In 2009, 51 cents of every $1.00 of home improvement purchases ended up in high interest credit cards or lines of credit because of the lack of reasonably priced finance solutions available to Canada’s home improvement companies. Our new portal, gives both dealers and their customers a significantly better way to finance purchases.”

CommunityLend is Canada’s online loan marketplace, where people can borrow money directly from private investors, in a safe, structured, and secure way. It’s a game-changing service, as they are not a bank, they are an alternative to traditional bank lending called “Peer-to-Peer lending”.

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